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FAQ 07

What is your policy on pesticide use and weed control?

We have heard that for some residents the primary concern is to have what is traditionally considered a “perfect” weed-free lawn, while we have heard from other residents that they are willing to accept some weeds in order to have safe, sustainable landscaping.

In 2009, we did some pesticide management research to better understand this issue, but we do not have a CRRA policy on this issue.

For now, The City will continue to be responsible for most of the landscaping needs in Cougar Ridge. Therefore, the City of Calgary’s policy on pesticide use is more applicable to our area for now. The Integrated Pest Management Plan (IPM) (Council Policy CSPS032) is available at

FAQ 06

Why don’t you have a phone number? How can I contact you?

In order to keep administration costs down, we have not set up a phone line. Again, we do not have the manpower or resources to take phone calls. If you have issues pertaining to your invoice, collections notice, late fees/etc, please contact our management company, Accredited Condominium Management Services Ltd. (ACMS) directly.

8, 11010 – 46 St SE
Calgary AB T2C 1G4
TEL 403 253-7525
FAX: 403 253-0673

Email contact person at ACMS is Crystal Deley:


Please keep in mind that we are 100% volunteer run. No one wants to volunteer to answer phone calls from Cougar Ridge’s >1500 households, as that would be overwhelming.

The best way to contact us is by email at The CRRA email is checked almost daily by our board volunteers. Please remember the CRRA is run entirely by a small number of volunteers, so be patient while waiting for a response. If you are inquiring about your account, late notices or collections, please contact our management company directly. They manage all our books, accounts, invoicing, collections, etc.

FAQ 05

Why don’t you have a physical address?

In order to keep administration costs down, we are not renting office space. In addition, we are solely volunteer run and simply do not have the manpower or resources to run an office, or answer phone calls.

Any correspondence for the CRRA or payments should be sent directly to our new management company, Accredited Condominium Management Services (ACMS).

8, 11010 – 46 St SE
Calgary AB T2C 1G4
TEL 403 253-7525
FAX: 403 253-0673

We encourage questions or concerns to be directed to us via email.

Email us at

FAQ 04

Who runs the CRRA? Why don’t you post your last names?

The CRRA is managed by residents of Cougar Ridge who volunteer their time and who are elected each year at the AGM.

We don’t post our last names on the website for security and privacy reasons.

We invite anyone who is interested in having a say in the CRRA’s work to put his or her name forward as a volunteer at the next AGM.

FAQ 03

What area is the CRRA supposed to landscape?

The CRRA is responsible for landscaping in most of Cougar Ridge, which is currently bounded on the south by Old Banff Coach Road, on the east by 77 Street, on the west by the future Stoney Trail ring road, and on the north by Canada Olympic Park and the future Paskapoo Slopes Park.

The one exception is an area in the central part of Cougar Ridge, immediately east of 85th Street. For more information on why one area is an exception and to see a map, please click on Information about the encumbrance issue sent to Alderman Connelly in 2010.

FAQ 02

What can the CRRA do to combat graffiti vandalism in Cougar Ridge?

Not much. While the CRRA is not responsible for combating graffiti vandalism, many residents contact us to see what can be done about it.

The Calgary Police Service and the City of Calgary’s Animal and Bylaw Services can help residents combat graffiti vandalism, and they take it very seriously. They recommend that if you see graffiti you:

Remove graffiti from your property as soon as you notice it. Fresh paint is more easily removed than paint that has had time to bond with a surface. The City of Calgary offers the Private Graffiti Abatement Program to help residents and business owners remove graffiti from their private property. Under the program, residents can pay a $25 fee and sign a waiver granting a City contractor permission to remove the graffiti. All revenue is reinvested into the program. To get help from PGAP, please contact 403.268.1880 or email

Record the crime by taking pictures of the vandalism.

Report graffiti on City or private property by calling 3-1-1. The faster you report graffiti vandalism you see on public property (such as playground equipment, the fence along Old Banff Coach Road, utility boxes, etc), the faster the City of Calgary will send a crew to clean it up). If you see someone in the act of putting up graffiti anywhere in the city, please call the Police at 9-1-1.

Although the fence surrounding Cougar Ridge is technically the property of the adjacent home owners, the City of Calgary will clean up graffiti on the fence along Old Banff Coach Road. However, the adjacent property owners are responsible for cleaning the fence in all other parts of the neighbourhood.

FAQ 01

What is the difference between a residents association and a community association?

The Cougar Ridge Residents Association (CRRA) is completely separate from the West Springs Cougar Ridge Community Association (  Both groups consist of volunteers from the community.

The community association membership is voluntary and we encourage all of our neighbours to become members.  Some of the responsibilities include:

  • the planning of sports facilities
  • the community newsletter
  • various social events.

The residents association is focused solely on landscaping. Membership in the CRRA is mandatory if you have an encumbrance on your home.