FAQ 09

I think the annual fee per household seems like a lot of money for landscaping. How could you possibly use all that money just for a few plants?

Neighbouring communities of West Springs, Wentworth, Springside, etc. all have residents’ associations in place, and they also collect comparative annual fees to improve their community and allow for landscaping enhancements. Some of these neighbouring RAs charge $200-$300 per year.

If you walk/drive through these neighboring communities, you will see beautiful flower beds in the spring/summer, as well as enhanced maintenance of the grass/trees/walkways/etc.

Landscaping costs are high and with our current fee structure, the CRRA is not able to take over maintenance of green spaces from the City. We can only currently afford to enhance the boulevards, main entrance features in Cougar Ridge, basic weeding and maintenance for each growing season, while also building up a reserve fund which is mandated.
Reminder: You agreed to pay these fees when you purchased your home. There is an encumbrance on your land title, mandating that these fees be paid.

How do I know you’re not misusing the money?

The money collected by the CRRA needs to be properly managed, to provide the best value for the community.

Transparency is important, so we encourage you to examine our audited financial statements to make sure the money is being properly spent.

The CRRA had its books and financial statements audited in 2011 by an independent accounting firm, Cremers & Elliott. The audit confirmed the CRRA is in good standing and our books are in order.

In addition, we are overseen and supported by a professional management company, ACMS. They handle all our invoicing, accounts, payments, and collections.