FAQ 11

Is everyone in Cougar Ridge required to pay the encumbrance?

No. Through a combination of human error and deliberate oversight, the City of Calgary and the developers of the neighbourhood did not put encumbrances on about one quarter of homes in the middle part of Cougar Ridge – the middle part of the neighbourhood immediately east of 85th Street. This part of the neighbourhood does not have to pay the encumbrance.

This would be difficult to change because it would require one of two things: 1) Either we would have to convince the homeowners in that middle part to add encumbrance to their land titles. Or 2) we could bring everyone’s encumbrance down to zero in the entire neighbourhood, then convince 66.7% of all residents (two third plus one) to vote for The City of Calgary collecting a $100 encumbrance form all residents at tax time. With this option, residents would have to vote on this issue every five years and the money could only be used for landscaping (for example, it could not be used to fixing the fence, or any other community projects that may come up).

The CRRA is not required to provide enhanced landscaping within the non-encumbrance part of the neighbourhood.

The CRRA finds it unfortunate that one part of the community is being treated separately from the rest of the community. If you think this situation is unfair, you may communicate your thoughts on this matter to your Alderman, Richard Pootmans, or call The City’s general line, 3-1-1. For more information on this issue, click on Information about the encumbrance issue sent to Alderman Connelly in 2010.