FAQ 16

Can the CRRA explain its policies regarding snow removal?

The CRRA does not get involved in snow removal. This is a City matter. The City bylaw (Bylaw #20M88) for sidewalks adjacent to private land states, among other things, that the owner of the private land is required to remove ice and snow 24 hours after the ice and snow has been deposited.

Pathways are another matter. Snow removal on pathways is the responsibility of The City. Concerns regarding snow clearing should be brought to the attention of the City of Calgary, utilizing the City’s general services line – 311.

The park areas, streets and pathways are the property of the City. Because of a liability issue, the City (Park’s division) does “not” want any private contractor working on or around these areas. Even if we could get permission by sponsoring a financial bond, it would still not solve our problem. The cost of removing the snow from the pathways would not only wipe out our total budget but we would need to raise the annual fee by at least another $100, without any flowers or landscaping enhancements (snow removal is very expensive). In order to keep everyone happy and to continue with landscaping efforts, the fee would need to be approximately $300/year to provide a budget that would allow for snow removal as well as general landscaping efforts. The CRRA Board of Directors can’t see residents agreeing to this type of fee increase. This is not our mandate for this year ,which was charged to us by the community at our last AGM. Budgets and contracts are already in place. This is an issue for a future Board.

If you are passionate about the CRRA Board taking this issue on, then please consider joining the CRRA Board.