Urban Forestry and Tree Planting within Cougar Ridge

The urban forest of tree lined streets: contributes to healthy watersheds, provides shade and wind protection, improves bird and wildlife habitat, removes pollution and creates oxygen, aesthetically contributes to the beauty of our neighbourhoods and will increase property values over time. Think of the impact driving through established neighbourhoods filled with mature trees has on all of us. Recent research indicates that having tree-lined streets is akin to a $10,000 raise in income or equivalent to moving to neighbourhood with a $10,000 higher median income. Other data indicates properties with tree lined streets usually have a higher monetary value – up to 20%. Please refer to the following article discussing the economic and health benefits of Urban Forests:


The Cougar Ridge Residents Association wants to get many more trees planted in the community, but we need your help! We have been told by City Parks that Cougar Ridge is slated to get 62 trees planted for 2016. This is a start, but substantially more trees (500+) need to be planted in order to be comparable to our sister community south of us: Wentworth. We have a proposal in with City Parks requesting to plant more trees, as well as giving the residents association the ability to use its own funds to plant trees. As it stands now, we are not allowed to the use resident’s association funds we collect every year to plant trees, as per city rules. Please note: we are able to allocate existing funds for tree planting WITHOUT increasing resident fees.

Let’s all make a call or simply email asking the city to work with the resident association in planning and implementing a multi-year tree planting program for Cougar Ridge and to allow the CRRA to use its own funds to plant trees. Simply call or email 311 and/or our city councillor Richard Pootmans (403-268-1646; eaward6@calgary.ca), and/or the mayors office (403-268-5622; themayor@calgary.ca) . We believe this will help the process along, potentially adding more than the 62 trees this and upcoming summers! Let’s make Cougar Ridge one of those communities that people talk about when they think of a great neighbourhood with a great urban forest. Thank you in advance for your support J!

For questions or comments, please contact the Cougar Ridge Resident’s Association at