Member Pricing for the West Track Service Road Access Gate.

WinSport is providing special pricing for WSCR Community Association Members.

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As most of you may be aware, WinSport announced in April it would be installing a Radio Frequency Identification Device (RFID) access gate at Canada Olympic Park to reduce commuter traffic through the park.

The new electronic access gate has now been installed at the bottom of the West Track Service Road and will be operational as of October 1. (See map here)

Please note that park users will still have free access to the campus from both the main entrance from the Trans-Canada Highway and the south entrance from Paskapoo Drive. Users visiting the WinSport campus via Paskapoo Drive to the West Track Service Road without an access pass can park in the lot located at the southeast corner of Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame and walk to their desired location. Please see the map for the exact location of the gate, which includes the various travel and parking options that do not require you to pass through the RFID gate.

As per the information provided from WinSport: The West Track Service Road is a private road that was originally built for the 1988 Olympics to transport athletes and equipment to the luge and bobsleigh start houses on the hill. Today, it is also used by visitors entering the park and for many, a cut-through route to the Trans-Canada Highway. The infrastructure of the road was not built to support the 5,000 cars that use the road on a daily basis.

It is expensive for WinSport to maintain the integrity of this road and the money that is collected from the use of the access gate pass will help us cover current maintenance costs and allows us to invest in infrastructure repairs so the road can continue to be used. As previously communicated, pass-holders and other park users who wish to enter or exit through the access gate or travel through the park via the West Track Service Road, now have the opportunity to purchase an RFID pass card.

WSCRCA Membership Pricing:

WinSport values its relationship with West Springs / Cougar Ridge residents. As a result, WinSport is offering members of the West Springs / Cougar Ridge Community Association special introductory pricing on its annual commuter pass.

WSCR Member Pricing: $525 (incl. GST), which is $75 off the regular price – each member can purchase up to two passes

Pass Term: Valid for one year from date of purchase

Availability Limits: Specialty pricing is limited to the first 200 purchased

Cut-Off Date: Specialty pricing is only available until Nov. 1, 2016

How to Purchase the Pass: Register your name by clicking here.

If you have already purchased an Annual Family Membership for this year, please contact WinSport Guest Services at 403-247-5452 ext. 4 to add-on the road access. The access pass is valid for the current term of your Annual Family Membership.

To provide a variety of options and flexibility for all users, WinSport is offering passes that include one-day, 10-day and 30-day flex passes. Annual Family Members, Performance Training Centre annual members and Winter and Summer pass-holders receive additional pass options. These options are being communicated directly to the pass-holder.

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