Fall 2016 Update from your Board of Directors

Cougar Ridge Residents Association (CRRA) Update – November 2016

And just like that…winter is at our doorstep! It’s already time to clean up the garden, rake the leaves, put away the bikes and toys and put on the winter tires. Some of us are excited to hit the slopes and make the most of the chilly season.

CRRA 2016 Annual General Meeting

Our 2016 Annual General Meeting was held on October 18, 2016. Thank you to all that attended. A new Board of Directors was elected at the AGM. The new board is comprised of five returning members and two new members. We are thrilled to welcome our new volunteers!

The new Board had its first meeting on November 16, 2016. We voted on Director positions: President, Vice-President, Treasurer and Secretary as well as Directors at Large. The new board reviewed the draft budget, general administration, and started brainstorming on landscaping ideas for 2017 and any potential new enhancements.

Volunteering for the CRRA is a great way to get involved and have your voice heard with regards to landscaping and beautification of Cougar Ridge. Please consider volunteering in the future. We still have room for a few more board members for the 2016-2017 year. If you are interested, please email us at feedback@mycougarridge.com

 Reminder 2016 CRRA Fees: 2016 CRRA annual fees were due June 30, 2016. Our management company, ACMS, sent out the invoices on our behalf. Please ensure your 2016 fees have been paid and that your account is up to date. Fees should be made payable to the Cougar Ridge Residents Association and mailed to ACMS directly. You also have the option to pay your fees via Interac e-transfer.

For information regarding the status of CRRA annual fees, calendar year and arrears, please contact ACMS directly. Email:  Crystal Deley at crystal@acms.ca or phone 403 253-7525.  Please remember to advise ACMS when you sell your home, to ensure their records are accurate and up to date. Their website is www.acms.ca Alternately, you can also email us at feedback@mycougarridge.com

Roads and Traffic

Please note that all concerns regarding roads and traffic in and around our community are outside the scope of the CRRA. Please phone or email the City of Calgary’s 311 system with any issues or concerns. Doing this online is your best bet, as it allows you to track your request/concern.

Fencing Around Perimeter of Cougar Ridge

Please note that any issues pertaining to the main beige/peach stucco fences that border the community are the responsibility of each homeowner backing onto that fence. We realize the fence is in poor shape in some sections, but this is outside the scope of the CRRA and we simply do not have the budget to replace or repair the fence. Please work with your neighbours to ensure your fence is safe and intact. For major safety concerns, you can also contact the City’s 311 line.


The CRRA Board was thrilled with the landscaping work completed by our contractor, Pixie Gardens, this season. We felt that the flowers really enhanced the look of the community. Pixie Gardens has now completed their fall clean up of all the planters and bedding areas. Winter planters were recently added throughout the community.

We are still looking for ideas on how to enhance the main entrance areas during the winter months. We will also need some new ideas for potential additional landscaping enhancements starting in the spring of 2017. If you have any ideas, please send them our way at feedback@mycougarridge.com We always love to hear from the community.

Who are we? The CRRA is a non-profit organization responsible for the ongoing maintenance of common spaces as well as landscaping enhancements in the community of Cougar Ridge. A volunteer Board of Directors manages the CRRA. These individuals are Cougar Ridge residents elected at the Association’s Annual General Meeting.

The CRRAs mandate and objective is the beautification of Cougar Ridge, through the management of neighbourhood enhancements such as flowerbeds, entrance areas, planters and extra landscaping and maintenance of city boulevards, medians and parks.   These enhancements are only possible through the annual CRRA fees, which are mandatory and listed on your land title.

The CRRA is a separate organization from the West Springs Cougar Ridge Community Association. The WSCR Community Association is also a volunteer-based organization with various responsibilities including issues affecting the community, sports activities, a community newsletter as well as community events.

The CRRA will continue to submit regular articles to be published in the WSCR Community Association newsletter, so that you are kept informed of what is happening in the community with respect to landscaping. Please also check our website for new information and updates: www.mycougarridge.com

Wishing everyone a safe and happy holiday season!

Submitted by your 2016-2017 CRRA Board of Directors – 25Nov2016