2019Q1 News

With the deep freeze continuing this February, we are all looking forward to spring’s first blooms and some green grass!  Your CRRA Board is already hard at work, planning ahead for the 2019 landscaping season.


The Cougar Ridge Resident’s Association (CRRA) has retained a new management company, effective January 1, 2019. First Service Residential is the new management company responsible for all CRRA accounts.  This includes mailing of invoices, financials, and collections.

Grant Becker
Community Manager

1100, 840-7th Ave SW | Calgary, AB T2P 3G2 
Toll Free 855.266.3601 
Email: grant.becker@fsresidential.com

CRRA 2018 Annual General Meeting

Our 2018 Annual General Meeting was held on October 16, 2018.  Thank you to those who took the time to attend.  A new Board of Directors was elected and is comprised of ten volunteer residents of Cougar Ridge.  We are thrilled to welcome our new volunteers!  The new Board has been meeting approximately once a month. 

One of the first priorities of the new board was to go to tender for a management company, as our contract with ACMS was up 31Dec2018.  The board reviewed all proposals and voted to appoint First Service as its new management company.

Reminder 2018 CRRA Fees: 2018 CRRA annual fees were due June 29, 2018. Our management company at the time, ACMS, sent out the invoices on our behalf.  Please ensure your 2018 fees have been paid and that your account is up to date. Fees should be made payable to the Cougar Ridge Residents Association.  If your fees have not yet been paid, please contact Grant Becker at First Service, to ensure these are paid ASAP. 

For information regarding the status of CRRA annual fees, calendar year and arrears, please contact First Service directly.  Email:  grant.becker@fsresidential.comor phone 855.266.3601 .Please remember to advise First Service when you sell your home, to ensure their records are accurate and up to date. Their website is www.fsresidential.comAlternately, you can also email us at feedback@mycougarridge.com

For those with accounts in arrears, collections procedures will follow.  Please remember that your fees are mandatory and you agreed to pay these fees when you purchased your home, as per the encumbrance on your land title.  

2019 CRRA Fees – Invoices for your 2019 annual fees will be mailed out by ACMS in May and fees will be due on 29Jun2019.  Please keep an eye out for your invoice this spring and pay your invoice on time. 


We hope you were pleased with the wonderful landscaping work completed by our contractor, Pixie Gardens, in 2018. Pixie Gardens will be responsible for all landscaping to be completed for the 2019 planting season.

If you have any ideas for potential landscaping enhancements or know of potential problem areas, please email us at feedback@mycougarridge.com We always love to hear from the community.  

Who are we? 

The CRRA is a non-profit organization responsible for the ongoing maintenance of common spaces as well as landscaping enhancements in the community of Cougar Ridge. A volunteer Board of Directors manages the CRRA. These individuals are Cougar Ridge residents elected at the Association’s Annual General Meeting. 

The CRRAs mandate andobjective is the beautification of Cougar Ridge, through the management of neighbourhood enhancements such as flowerbeds, entrance areas, planters and extra landscaping and maintenance of city boulevards, medians and parks.   These enhancements are only possible through the annual CRRA fees, which are mandatory and listed on your land title.    

The CRRA is a separate organization from the West Springs Cougar Ridge Community Association. The WSCR Community Association is also a volunteer-based organization with various responsibilities including issues affecting the community, sports activities, a community newsletter as well as community events. 

The CRRA will continue to submit regular articles to be published in the WSCR Community Association newsletter, so that you are kept informed of what is happening in the community with respect to landscaping.  Please also check our website for new information and updates: www.mycougarridge.com

Submitted by Natacha Welsh and your 2018-2019 CRRA Board of Directors. This can also be downloaded in .pdf format.