Annual Fee


Your annual CRRA fee is used for these additional operational, maintenance and replacement services at a level of service over and above the standard of service provided by The City of Calgary, to the extent legally permissible, for the public utility lots, environmental reserves, municipal reserves, public walkways, road boulevards, road medians, entrance features and associated community and related signage.

In other words, the CRRA fee is used to enhance and maintain the greenspaces (boulevard medians, entrances, etc) in Cougar Ridge.

The CRRA fee is a legal requirement and has been registered with Alberta Land Titles as an encumbrance on each and every residential property that was developed wholly, or in partnership with United Communities Inc. This means that when you signed off on your home purchase, you signed an agreement to pay these fees.

The fee is currently set at $109.88  including GST. Fees run from January 1st to December 31st every year. The annual invoice is normally mailed out to residents in May of each year, and due June 30th.

Effective 2019, the CRRA has contracted First Service Residential to manage our financial, administration and collections processes. The CRRA Board, comprised solely of volunteers, simply does not have the manpower to do all the billing and accounting plus collections. First Service Residential will from this point forward be sending out all yearly invoices and requests for late payments, as well as final collections notices. First Service Residential  are doing this on behalf of the CRRA board and have our authority to do so.

CRRA Collection Procedures Policy

Annual fees, as per the updated CRRA Collection Procedures Policy (May 2019), should be made out to the Cougar Ridge Residents Association and mailed to the management company:
First Service Residential
Grant Becker
Community Manager
1100, 840-7th Ave SW | Calgary, AB T2P 3G2
Toll Free 855.266.3601

Realtors & Law Firms

For information regarding the status of CRRA annual fees, calendar year, and any arrears, please contact the management company directly.  Alternately, you can email us at, and we will forward your inquiry/questions to our management company.